Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Cat Litter Mat

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Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Cat Litter Mat

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The cat litter box keeps your home clean all day long and keeps you away from the constantly scattered cat litter and urine. Large size means small debris-leave wider edges around the trash tray to catch scattered trash. Large and deep holes fall out of the box and cat's claws, enjoy the homeless trash and save you unnecessary Cleaning time. The top layer is designed with honeycomb holes. The non-slip and waterproof backing prevents urine from splashing on the floor to keep the floor clean. Cat litter and garbage can fall into the honeycomb pores to prevent cat litter and garbage. The raised dots on the surface make the mat non-slip and easy to carry. In addition, your cat will prefer textures instead of sticking to paws. Made of ultra-light, durable and environmentally friendly EVA foam rubber, very suitable for sensitive kittens and kittens. The cat litter tray pad is made of TPE rubber and a unique hexagonal design, which makes the bottom layer waterproof and non-slip, makes your cat's paws as uncomfortable as other pads, and prevents urine from penetrating into the bottom layer, keeping your floor always dry and saving a lot of cleaning time. The ultra-light and waterproof plastic material is very easy to clean. The edge can be easily cleaned or shaken off the sink head, shower head. The edges are also sewn for easy storage. Just dump it in the trash or put it back in the trash can (save money). There are 3 ways to clean the mat. The suction head is poured with water, and the hose is dirty. Use a vacuum cleaner as new.

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