Coffeeland by Sedgewick & Augustine

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Coffeeland by Sedgewick & Augustine

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Coffee is one of the most valuable commodities in the history of the global economy and the worlds most popular drug. The very word coffee is one of the most widespread on the planet. Augustine Sedgewicks brilliant new history tells the hidden and surprising story of how this came to be tracing coffees 400year transformation into an everyday necessity. The story is one that few coffee drinkers know. Coffeeland centres on the volcanic highlands of El Salvador where James Hill born in the

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Marcă Unbranded
Categorie Cărți
Author Sedgewick & Augustine
Format Hardback
Language English
Number of Pages 448
Publication Date 2020-04-07
Publisher / Label Penguin Books Ltd
ID Fruugo 48123355-95658672
ISBN 9780241426227
VRN Vânzător GB160565025