Thermometer Stainless Water Soil Steel Probe Type Fertilizer

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Thermometer Stainless Water Soil Steel Probe Type Fertilizer

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Compost less Steel Probe Type The product is shipped based on the color or size of the main image of the product page. Easy-to-read 2-inch wide-scale composting thermometer with color-coded temperature range. The 40F to 180F temperature scale (10C to 76C) is incremented in 2F increments to achieve accurate readings. No is required, and the soil temperature 2 inches below the surface is automatically measured. Easy to read and clear temperature zone. The soil test thermometer can work overnight in the compost. The backyard thermometer compost has a durable stem with a length of 20 inches and a diameter of 3/16 inches, which can easily reach the center of the compost for accurate reading. It is very suitable for large backyard composting, planting, transplanting and gardening. Composting soil thermometer, with 3 temperature zones indicating composting activity-stable, active and high temperature. It is easy to insert into the compost pile, making composting very easy The soil and compost thermometer is made of high-quality 304 anti-rust stainless steel, and the connection between the dial and the valve stem is strengthened, which can be used for a long time.

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