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Two-in- C C Game For

Two-in- C C Game For

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Flying chess and playing chess are two-in-one fun, and one board can play multiple games.Childrens educational games, the ability to deal with harm, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking are all training that can enhance the relationship between parents and children. It is a good tool for parents to accompany their children to grow up happily.The front is playing chess: each team is divided into 5 black chess pieces, fingers hold the chess pieces, rely on the elastic force of the rubber band to eject the chess pieces forward, the chess pieces can be accurately shot into the hole to get one point, and the person who scores more within the specified time is the winner . Suitable for 2 people PKOn the back is flying chess: suitable for 2-4 people, with dice.The chessboard is made of high-quality wood, which is durable and smooth. The surface of the chess pieces has no burrs, will not hurt your hands, and feel comfortable.

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